Damon Amb

Damon Amb began exploring photography from a very young age, when he got hold of his father’s manual Konica TC. Photography was like a magical world for him and soon after his discovery, Damon started making his own prints in the darkroom.

Later on in life, Damon studied Photography at the ACECR in Karaj – Iran, and pretty quickly he became an accomplished artist. Growing up in Iran allowed Damon to explore the cultural richness of his people as well as the street life from a photographer’s perspective.

But being an artist in Iran wasn’t easy, due to the ongoing cultural repression and widespread censorship.That is probably why Damon became attracted to abstract and conceptual art more than social documentary.

Damon’s work reflects techniques and themes that vary greatly. Often, there is an autobiographical element mixed with fantasy which leads to a more conceptual piece.

Some of his work can be also deeply political and philosophical. His work incorporates photography, digital painting, collage and textural details with the intention to recreate a meaningful memory of a place or experience.
Damon arrived in Australia in 2013 as an asylum seeker, and was kept in detention for around 2 months. Even tough his days at the detention centre were not easy, he found some hope when he met an artist, someone who listened to him and made Damon feel that he could be part of the art community in Australia.

After leaving detentions, it was hard to begin life in a new country as an artist but he was lucky to find amazing friends who helped him along the way. He also channels his artistic passion through Settlement Services International.

Since Damon has settled in Australia he has exposed his artwork in many art galleries and has taken part in various art projects.


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Artist Bio


2009 Photography Criticism (Theory), Mahe Mehr Art and Cultural Institute, (Iran)

2003-2006 Advanced Diploma of Photography, Academic Centre for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR), (Iran)


2009 Café Art Gallery, Italian Pizza & the Milky Way (Karaj, Iran)


2017 Department of Parks and Wildlife, Mural / Regeneration Project (Sydney, Australia)

2017 Cultural Activation of Friend Park, Wentworthville Story Schemes and Dreams (WSSD), (Sydney, Australia)

2016 Chrissie Cotter Gallery, New Beginning (Sydney, Australia)

2016 Peacock Gallery Auburn, The Garden Of Imagination (Sydney, Australia)

2016 Community Migrant Centre, Creativity Unleashed Expo (Sydney, Australia)

2016 Light Eye Mind Gallery, Incomplete Images (London, UK)

2016 Powerhouse Gallery Casula, New Beginnings Travelling Show (Sydney, Australia)

2016 Holroyd City Council NSW, Refugee Week Exhibition (Sydney, Australia)

2016 Stirrup Gallery, Switch (Sydney, Australia)

2016 Walker Street Gallery & Arts Centre, Home and Art (Melbourne, Australia)

2016 Holroyd City Council NSW, Wentworthville Stories (Sydney, Australia)

2016 Muse Gallery, Dario Palermo Refugee Art Exhibition (Sydney, Australia)

2015 Bankstown Arts Centre NSW, Home: between here and there (Sydney, Australia)

2015 Adamstown Uniting Church, Home: between here and there (Sydney, Australia)

2015 Stirrup Gallery, New Beginnings: Refugee Arts and Cultural Festival (Sydney, Australia)

2015 Holroyd City Council NSW, With Courage, Refugee Week Exhibition (Sydney, Australia)

2014 Verge Gallery University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia)

2014 Holroyd City Council NSW, Domestic Violence Campaign (Sydney, Australia)

2014 Stirrup Gallery, Refugee Week Exhibition (Sydney, Australia)

2004 Nicol Gallery, Animal Protection Society Exhibition (Tehran, IRAN)2004 Asbi Square (Karaj, IRAN)